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Protect documents, displays, file cards, certificates, photos and other valued items from damage caused by exposure and handling. Graphic Products has laminators and lamination supplies for just about anything you can imagine.

Laminators use heat or pressure-sensitive adhesives to apply lamination. Hot laminators heat materials to between 220 and 300 degrees F to seal and protect. They're ideal for laminating items not affected by heat, and produce high-quality lamination.

Some ink jet printers use inks that can melt when heated and other printers use heat-sensitive paper. Cold laminators are the best choice for protecting heat-sensitive materials, and also produce highly effective lamination.

Lamination Supplies

Graphic Products offers lamination supplies for many specialized applications. High-gloss laminating film puts your displays in the best possible light. Matte finishes reduce glare to enhance readability. Varying mil thicknesses provide high flexibility and great strength. Laminating film comes in the type, width and length to satisfy virtually any lamination need you may have.

Graphic Products also gives you a choice of lamination pouches to protect file cards, driver's licenses and other documents. Even items subject to repeated handling retain their integrity when surrounded by this protective laminate.

Get full details about our brand-name laminators and lamination supplies by clicking a name on the menu at left.

If you can't find the laminator or supply you're looking for, call us at 1-888-326-9244. We'll be happy to help you find the product that best fits your needs.

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